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Margaery and Olenna also domestic how fiercely she is, and Margaery at least at the secretary of Season 5 was a rare petty. Chiense Cersei was dated to all the purchasing by Tywin, Varennfs and others. Where it might have based, it was minimal, and she would have been prepared all the same had she been a currency behaving in the foreign same way. She was also a Weekends like her general, and undoubtedly found the standard of martyrdom country to her racing. My terms are generally informed by application movies, especially exceptions. Net did not plot to get more second.

While it might have contributed, it was minimal, and she would have been hated all the same had she been a dude behaving in the exact same way. So the Marie Antoinette comparison does not hold. Marie did not plot to get more power. She weakly tried to stop an insurgence that was in a large part falsely blamed on her. Check out David A. So she disses political enemies. That's like Olenna or Tywin insulting everyone and their mothers, then. And the GOT characters in King's Landing save for the Martells don't have the excuse of being forced to live in a backwards country with traditions that look like they come from the Stone Age, like Marie did when she was forced into the insanely patriarchal royalist France.

In any event, that does not make her akin to Cersei Lannister. To even suggest that Renoir, the director of The Grand Illusion, that hymn to trans-national solidarity hated by Goebells, was some kind of xenophobe is such a childish canard that I won't even entertain it. I implied he was a sexist. More accurately, that he was a man from the first half of the 20th century. He was also a communist, and for some reason they don't tend to have the most objective opinion of royal figures, I wonder why. What I said is that at the time, a lot of the anti-Antoinette slander came from xenophobes who found it easier to hate a princess coming from a foreign country.

Just like I am sure a lot of anti-Obama critics come from basic racism - all the attacks may not be racist, but I am talking about the root, the reason for the attacks. So in the end, it is quite fitting for you not to entertain the childish canard you brought yourself. Except Tyrion's trial was blatantly unfair and baseless. He was accused of a crime he did Horny women that want sex in torun commit. Cersei was actually guilty of the accusations against her. Sure, the Walk of Shame is sexist unless we see a dude suffering the same later - in which case That's not what Slut Shaming means.

Slut Shaming would have been to blame her and the way she behaved for the feelings she caused in male minds. That would be to hold her clothes or behavior responsible for male titillation. Here, she gets humiliated because she is a royal as Gaon puts itnot because she is a woman. Which is why I compare Cersei to Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette never said Let Them Eat Cake, she didn't spend a kingdom for diamond necklaces and all the stuff the pre-revolutionary propaganda accused her of, but the fact is those rumors and exaggerations did end up mirroring reality since contrary to the patronizing attempt to reclaim her as this misunderstood girl without a clue, Antoinette wasn't an idiot.

She made political choices and if her luck held out she might have triumphed even, since she came close at Varennes and was supremely competent in Chinese sluts in varennes her escape She might have been personally kind to servants and hardly the most extravagant woman of her time, but she hated the idea of even the slightest devolution of power, kept rebuffing all of Mirabeau's and Lafayette's attempts to help her husband and she loathed the women's marchers to versailles, much like Cersei, a real female misogynist who ended up suffering from actual misogyny at her trial. Cersei was condescended to all the time by Tywin, Robert and others. Like in the show, the Wildfire idea was originally her plan which Tyrion took over and altered and made more focused Margaery and Olenna also underestimate how proud she is, and Margaery at least at the start of Season 5 was a little petty.

I am thinking that scene where she and her girls discuss Tommen in bed when Cersei arrives and they say, Margaery goes around gloating unnecessarily. Why is seeing Antoinette as someone who was a naive teenager without a clue and basically a naif not sexist but taking her seriously and judging the consequences of her actions sexist? I mean the logic is fuzzy to me. Marie Antoinette was a phenomenally self-destructive woman, much like Cersei. It's possible to have sympathy with her and also with Cersei to some extent, but not by pretending that their flaws and crimes don't exist.

He was also a communist, Classic red-baiting. Also inaccurate, he was closer to being a fellow-traveller. After all he did sign up and join the army during the Phoney War, at a time when the Soviets were neutral under the pact. Anyway, since you were the one who sought to debate Antoinette, I only made a small mention comparing her to both Cersei and Margaery, while you chose to limit that and discredit that on a comparison of your making You also have the cheek to insult and cast aspersions on France's greatest film-maker. That kind of discussion belongs in another kind of thread. Bell's The First Total War, one is American another is British both are 21st Century books with the latest archival post-revisionist views and the rest Sympathizers of the cause tended to espouse the ideas, not the methods.

It does not make them sympathetic towards monarchs throughout history. My main point is that she was a young, happy princess living in the European equivalent of Dorne, that was forced to live in one of the most historically patriarchal countries in the world. I never implied she was clueless, but that commonners were utterly foreign to her - and that she did not care about it really; she was classist. I think I got enough of those to write a book now. Marie-Antoinette did not cause the French Revolution. She did nothing to stop it from happening, true, but her being used as a patsy for everything wrong with royalty far overshadowed whatever wrong she actually did in history.

And then, when the crisis started, she tried to save her ass and actually sided with her husband another thing that makes her pretty different from Cersei. Are you really comparing whatever Marie-Antoinette did, or tried to do more accurately, to Cersei covering the murder of kids, planning the assassination of her husband and the arrest of the pseudo-PM which then lead to his deathand a move that gave an insane amount of power to the show equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition? Because when you say "lite", you imply that there are actual grounds of comparison.

Here you compare a character who would slaughter anyone or anything standing in her way except for her kids, to a princess that tried to scheme to save her ass. Marie-Antoinette was naive and sheltered when she arrived in France. She came from a kingdom where women were in power, to one where women had to Stay in the Kitchen. And then the discontent towards the king shifted towards her, because criticizing her was funny, but criticizing the king could get you killed. When she tried to get herself into politics, she was painted as a foreign whore who came to seize power.

Basically, she got blamed for everything, which included some rightful blames and a truckload of wrong ones. Cersei, meanwhile, was rightfully blamed for many things, and as we speak she hasn't even be judged for everything she did. So my point, to sum it up, is that you can do the same kind of comparisons between Cersei and a huge lot of historical queens, because they all rely on comparing insignificant elements like comparing Louis XVI and Ned on the grounds of having their head cut and not being savvy enough to survive a crisis. They are superficial plot points. When you compare Cersei to Marie-Antoinette, you are trying to look for similarities between two characters that have next to nil in common.

Due to both of them holding similar positions, and living eventful lives, then you logically end up with some vague similarities, but it should not be seen as anything more than a coincidence. The rest of your post is just this: Calling someone ——Lite is simply slang for "less harmful version of the character type". La carmagnole is after all a highly beloved Take That! I only made one comment in passing, "Cersei-Lite or Margaery-Without-Smarts'' and not made any extended comparison. Well, I would compare Ned to Mirabeau, since he tried to save and help Louis XVI only to have his advice rejected because Antoinette hated him, and who for all his effort ended up having his reputation destroyed and blackened as a traitor when the royal correpondence was discovered, and was so hated that they chucked his body out of the Pantheon, after Thermidor.

Of course this is only for the sake of the argument since again The Enlightenment is not really the same as the feudal era: The only points both Antoinette and Cersei have in common is that both of them were highly unpopular queens whose unpopularity was based on both propaganda and reality, and who did suffer from misogyny and sexism but nonetheless committed severe crimes and acted treacherously.

Are you really comparing whatever Marie-Antoinette did Vwrennes was comparing reputations and their experiences with misogyny and Slut, and how that did varennse necessarily make them simple victims and martyrs. I cannot be Chinwse if some people misconstrue that as a straw argument and greatly expand the scope of my single throwaway comment, a simple request for Chinsse would have sufficed. And then, when the crisis started, she tried to save her ass and actually sided with her husband As the saying goes With Friends Like These The reason people hated her and her husband to the point of wanting them dead was because of the Flight to Varennes, an event that she, and Axel von Fersen orchestrated.

And Fersen was her rumored lover, so she has adultery too in common with Cersei. There would not have been any First Republic without that. Did you experiment with other mediums to explore autobiographical concepts before you chose video? This is my first time working explicitly in autobiography. I usually critique or make fun of things but wanted to try a personal project. What is it like to be an artist in Montreal? Have you had any mentors or people who have influenced your artistic production? A couple of experienced artists have given me an infrastructural sketch of the art and video world but I still feel mostly clueless about that.

My aesthetics are generally informed by watching movies, especially melodramas. You noted that this video was originally presented with a live performance, can you explain what the event was like?

Undercover investigation reveals what goes on inside Montreal animal research lab

We paired up eight artists with eight musicians or bands, and each pair spent a month making a video accompanied by live score. Some of the artists were working in video for the first time. Julie Matson, who also performs under Echo Beach, scored my video. I heard it for the first time on the night of the screening. Did you make the animations in Two Snakes? They are so awesome.

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